Written By Alexis breddel on Kamis, 31 Juli 2014 | 12.56

One of the simplest and easy to use accessories you will find for your school locker is magnetic locker wallpaper. It is gives a nice finishing touch or can be just as nice being used as a standalone locker decoration. Although most of the designs and patterns that the wallpaper has to offer, tends to be "girly", you can find some cool and masculine designs for the "guys" as well.

The whole magnetic locker wallpaper craze, virtually began a couple of years ago, well, in 2009 to be exact. In 2009, Sarah Buckel, a middle school student at the time, had an interest in decorating her school locker. What made Sarah hesitant was the fact that she did not want to end up like many of her friends that used paper to decorate their lockers only to end up, when the school year was over, peeling and cleaning sticky residue left from glue used to keep the paper intact, off of their lockers.

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