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IKEA is one of the brands of furniture and decoration popular in the world, thanks to its low prices and modern design. As for trends, IKEA is always a step forward, often marking them in the world of decoration. And this year is no difference. IKEA shows us what trends will continue to grow next year and which we'll begin.


Decorating Trends in the IKEA 2014
Being a gardener is fashionable and not need a yard. If there is one thing that IKEA has shown us, is that no matter the space you have in your home, you can make the hundred percent. Now that the plants are getting more fashionable, even if you have a small house, fail to fill pots with green plants. Hang them, put them on the floor, on a table, on a ledge. Fill your home with green, you can create a calm and natural environment.


Decorating Trends in the IKEA 2014
The patterns and bold prints are one of the biggest trends of the year, and according to IKEA, do not go to anywhere. The most popular patterns include geometric, with contrasting colors are neutral or vibrant. IKEA is known for its abstract prints, but the 2014 can also see patterns inspired by owls, elk and other forest animals. The mixing patterns trend will continue, but remember to always keep one thing in common, such as color.

Retro Style

Decorating Trends in the IKEA 2014
The retro style is another trend that will continue to grow during 2014 thanks to the popularity of bring back the chair Strandmon sale, based on the model of the 50's, this year can also see red. Another favorite is the Catalog Lovbacken side table, based on the model 1956 These retro details blend with modern and minimalists designs to create a completely different style.

Sustainable Design

Decorating Trends in the IKEA 2014
Environmental decor and go from a simple fashion to lifestyle, and what IKEA is implementing to the fullest. One of the changes we will see this year is that only LED bulbs and lamps are sold at all IKEA stores. Besides offering products from recycled materials, IKEA also uses renewable forms of energy to manufacture their furniture and accents. Sustainable design continues to grow and more and more options to implement in your home.

Male Decoration

Decorating Trends in the IKEA 2014
This is a trend that is just beginning, but I predict will continue to grow next year. The masculine decor with heavy, dark colors and geometric furniture is present in the IKEA 2014 catalog if you do not believe me, check the catalog of 2013 there was much in the whitest white and colors like blue and pink . Although not all black and gray again, we are starting to see the end of the all-white decor for a sophisticated, elegant and masculine style.
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