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Decorating Home With Photos
Your home is a reflection of you, so it is important to include personal items such as photos, in your decor. It may already be decorating your home with photos of your family, friends and special memories, but that way you're doing?
Photos can be an advantage or a disadvantage to decorate. For example, if all your walls are full of pictures but not give up, this can cause a distraction in your decor. On the other hand, if you do not put your home photos you can see this monotonous and simple. It should also be emphasized that there are many ways to decorate with photos, and it is important that you choose the correct to match your decor.
First think about the color of the photos. If you like a more formal decor, you can print all photos in black and white. This is also a good idea to colorful homes , since the pictures between them stand out more brightly colored. If you go for a style retro , you can use sepia tones so photos look a little old. The sepia tones also give warmth to the photos, and are perfect for family time.
When choosing frames you enter a completely different world. There are all kinds of frames to choose from and not have to content with the basics. Use bold and different frames to give personality to your photos, as some bright colors or other old large frames. Think of the framework as pieces of art in themselves, and exhibiting your moments more special.
Here are some ideas to display more pictures on your home:
In group
Decorating Home With Photos
A very popular way to decorate with photos in grouping. Instead of putting a picture on every wall of your home, choose a wall, hallway or staircase to show all your most special photos. By using a single space to display several pictures, you create an environment as an art gallery, where the pictures call more attention and are decorated in themselves.
The photos as grouping as depends on you. Perhaps you prefer to group them in an orderly manner, in sequence, with the same geometry and frameworks. Or maybe you prefer to use completely different frameworks and group pictures randomly. This decision will depend on the style of your home. Note that by choosing different frames is important to choose one thing in common. For example the color, size or style of frame. This will help you display consistent look.
In Glass Cabinets
Decorating Home With Photos
If you prefer not to make holes in the walls, you can display your photos in a glass cabinets. Usually these are used for plates or other precious decorations, and use it to display your photos understand that these are important in your decor. By showing your photos in this way, you also will be easier to exchange photos or change of place, and be more protected if they are original.
In Strings
Decorating Home With Photos
If you do not have enough for all your frames you can display the photos on a rope, hung with pins as if they were clothes drying. This is a very original idea and is perfect for a casual, home eclectic or rustic . You can also use this idea for hanging pictures of your kids in their room or other important memories. Note that your photos are ruined over this, because it will bend with time and having no protection is likely to be damaged. To avoid this you can cover them with a sheet of clear plastic and replace them often.
On Shelves
Decorating Home With Photos
Another way to display photos is lined up on a shelf. You can put the shelf to the height you want, and even use several shelves one above the other. To give a more fun twist, use frames of different sizes and colors, and put some portraits covering others, but only for the frame, so if the pictures look good. This idea is great for either a baby room or for a office.
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