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Bathroom Color Ideas
The bathroom is one of those areas that can be difficult to decorate, not only are small , but they also have less light. Therefore you must choose the right colors for the space. But this does not mean you have to be content to paint the walls white or beige. You can play with color if you use the right ways. These are some of the best combinations that will be in this space:
Black and White
Bathroom Black and White
The combination of black and white has always been popular, and if you want to give your bathroom an unexpected look, feel free to implement it. The contrast can help create an elegant and interesting atmosphere, especially if you are creative with the use of these shades. If your bathroom is small, paint the walls white and black cabinets. Add some metallic accents to add color. If your bathroom is large, you can paint an accent wall black to create impact. Add enough artificial light lamps as if the bathroom has large windows.
Turquoise and Chocolate
Bathroom Turquoise and Chocolate
Turquoise is a very popular color for bathrooms because it is relaxing and creates an airy feel. If the turquoise is too much for you, try a blue version for the walls. You can also paint only the top half of the walls, and let the white underside. Use white trim to make the separation. The cabinets must be express color, to add warmth to turquoise. Add some dark blue or vibrant color towels, depending on the look you want to achieve. To help create a warm atmosphere adds textures , like a wicker baskets.
Grey and White
Bathroom Grey and White
For small environments who want to achieve a modern style and minimalist , the best option is a combination of gray and white. These can use them the way you like, either with gray walls and black cabinets or backwards. Consider a contrasting countertop. Make minimalist and geometric accents decorative accents and mirror. This combination is perfect for dark bathrooms as it will make the space feel lighter and larger. If you want more color, add a few little touches of a contrasting color, like red or emerald.
Lilac and Green
Bathroom Lilac and Green
If what you want is to create a feminine and spring decor, you can not go wrong with purple and green. The purple is a color that is rising in popularity, and is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere . Paint the walls this color. If you are motivated, green painted cabinets, either olive or mint. If not, use towels and plants to add this color. A mirror with a gold frame can become icy cherry. Another detail that you can not miss are some natural flowers , as these help to keep the romantic and feminine vibe. You can also implement them in prints or art.
Yellow and White
Bathroom Yellow and White
Is it hard to get up in the morning? Then you might want to decorate your bathroom so that you a dose of energy. To accomplish this yellow is the best choice. Paint the walls of this tone to create a striking and unexpected environment. Use white space to remain lightweight. Use it on towels, door frames and mirror. Add plant floor, and some orange or blue accents. If you prefer a more subtle look, paint the walls white and use yellow accents.
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