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Small spaces require special and creative solutions. If you need to make a staircase in the house, but there isn't so much available space, this task can be difficult. We show here some great ideas and designs for space saving stairs, could it be seamlessly integrated into your home. On the market there are diverse space saving stairs  made ​​of wood, metal or steel, as well as space saving staircase accessories such as space saving stairs railings are available. Select this to match your taste, style and design of the apartment on the top. You will be confident that the stairs are not only necessary, but can be a great designer piece and bring a elegant atmosphere in the apartment. And most importantly - do not take much space!

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Space saving stairs design and staircase with storage

spiral space saving stairs - metal structure and wooden kits
wood space saving stairs with storage drawers and cupboards
An alternative of spiral space saving stairs, using the under stairs space for large drawers and cupboards to store the large and small things you are not going to use them nearly.

spiral space saving staircase in modern interior style

space saving stairs with bookshelves for storage and decoration

wooden space saving stairs for very small spaces

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