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false ceiling design, suspended multilevel, painted, stretched, combined, plaster and glossy, stucco and rosettes - what would be the type of customer or ceilings gave preference, their creation requires a comprehensive approach.

False ceiling designs for living room

POP false ceiling designs from curved panels for living room
POP false ceiling design living room with creative lighting system
gypsum false ceiling designs for living room
Complex shape premises often require unusual solutions of false ceiling designs. For example, in this semi-circular living room authors of the project came up with a complex and modular curtain in the form of wavy bands mad of POP who are using internal lighting system create a sense of waves and reflections on the water.

false ceiling design for white round living room
In white minimalist living room authors of the project did com-positional dominant spectacular POP false ceiling designs. On it they created a futuristic composition. In the center of the mirror is hovering light space forms, and all around it, as if ripples diverge oval lines deepening with point-built light.

living room false ceiling designs with built in lighting systems
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