Written By Alexis breddel on Selasa, 06 Januari 2015 | 03.43

The young Italian architect Giulia Bortolotti and Lucio Leone who are currently living in New York City and work, presenting us their latest project from 3D DIY bookshelves in the form of wooden letters. This DIY bookshelves project can be applied in many areas of daily life. For example, the following composition of letters gives the word "BOOK" and to serve as bookshelves. The letters are handmade by skilled craftsmen and artisans and are finished with water-based paint.

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Wooden DIY books in the form of book word
handmade wooden bookshelves letter shaped, DIY bookshelves
DIY bookshelves letter shaped made of wood
wooden DIY bookshelves for book storage letter shaped
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