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The 3D flooring has been becoming a trend 10 years ago, and the 3D floor designs are still gaining popularity till now, the modern interior designers prefer to use the 3D floors in the bathroom, some o them turn it into an ocean by installing 3D floor designs with see water and dolphins or seashells (we recently shred an article about 3D bathroom floor only), Others prefer to install the 3D floors in the living room with 3D floor art  image making an optical illusion brings life to your living room interior. see the full guide for installing 3D bathroom floor
The source and the full catalog is here: Full catalog 3D floor designs
We recently shared an article of 3D flooring technology, and another one of 6 steps to install 3D floor yourself,
In today's post we will show you a great collection of 3D bathroom floor designs and living room which are most popular the recent years in the modern interior design world. the gallery is divided between photo collection and galley video, if you like one of them you can go to the two precious article we mentioned above to read the advice and the installation tips, 3D flooring price and the guide to installation.

On the other hand we shared a full guide for how to make a small house 3D floor plans with 30 house designs for inspiration .. don't miss it

3D floor art

From other sites: Full catalog of 3d floors and 3d floor art

Now See the video gallery of 3D bathroom floor designs

And now see our photo galley of 3D flooring designs for inspiration in your project

3D floor designs

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3D floor designs ideas

3D floor designs for living room

floral 3D bathroom floor

3D bathroom floor images

bathroom 3D floor designs

3D bathroom floor designs

3D floor designs, self leveling 3D floors

bathroom 3D floor designs

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living room 3D floor designs

3D bathroom floor designs

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